Aug 31, 2014

Not able to run vbscript using cfexecute on Windows 64 bit Machine - Solution

Goal: To run VBScript using CFexecute using command base script Cscript.exe

Environment:  ColdFusion 10, Windows7 , 64 bit Machine.

My VB Script(Excel.vbs) performs simple office automation .

So first I tried with command line to run Excel.VBS.

C:\Windows\System32 > cscript //nologo D:\Excel.vbs D:\test.xls

and got expected o/p Success (Good my Excel VBS is correct)

Now, I have to see whether CF runs correctly or not.
So I use cfexecute to run Excel.VBS.

<cfexecute name = "C:\Windows\System32\CScript.exe"
            arguments = "//NoLogo D:\Excel.vbs D:\test.xls"
            variable = "savedOutput"
            timeout = "3600">
<cfdump var="#savedOutput#">

But, I got this error message -

Error: 424 Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error Description: Object required

Then what is wrong with ColdFusion, same VBScript is running using command line but CFExecute throws error.

So I tried two things :
  •  Checked whether account which runs ColdFusion is having admin rights or not?
    • Yes CF running with Admin privilege.
  • Tried using batch file
    batchFile.bat :
    @echo off
    pushd %~dp0
    cscript cscript //nologo D:\Excel.vbs D:\test.xls

    <cfexecute name = "D:\batchFile.bat"
                       variable = "savedOutput"
                       arguments="/C /Q"
                       timeout = "3600">
    <cfdump var="#savedOutput#">

    Same Error: 424 Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error Description: Object required
So what will be the solution for this ?
After checking some threads on office automation I found this solution.

We have to add the Desktop folder in the systemprofile and system32 folder to open file by Excel if you have Windows Service or IIS on Windows 7 x64 (dev machine) and Server 2008 x64.

So I added Desktop folder under these 2 directories -

O/P: Now my cfexecute code gives success and VBScript performs desired office operation.

Also, verify that ColdFusion is allowed to "Interact with Desktop" is enabled or not on Services.

Note: If you are doing office automation then you have to add the Desktop folder inside systemProfile irrelevant of technology you are using under above Environments.

Hope it helps you :)