Aug 3, 2014

ColdFusion Frameworks - Which one to choose ?

Someone asks me a few days back regarding Skill set of ColdFusion frameworks -

Conversation Starts.

Anonymous - Do you know any of the CF frameworks like Mach-II ?
Me - No, I have not worked with any of them in my project so far, but I am having some Idea about MVC frameworks.

Anonymous: Ok, good. So how long It will take you to learn Mach-II framework ?
Me: Probably x days to get acquainted with all stuffs in it.
Anonymous: Ok, tx.

Conversation ends.

I am not great fan of Frameworks yet.

Yes, I heard that Frameworks do make developer's life easy and you can do some stuffs very easily by writing a few lines of code rather than a bunch of plain codes.

Once I attended Seminar on FuseBox framework months back.  Holy crap that was too much of fuses and circuits drama.
To just add a Login Functionality. We have to take care of  too many settings.

So, what to do now ?
Lot's of question coming to my mind.

After lot's of reading and searches, I thought that It's the best time to learn some frameworks not because someone asking me to learn but I found interesting after seeing this "Sunsetting Mach-II".  
Even if the core developers move out from Mach-II but still Mach-II and FuseBox are most popular CF frameworks.

Frameworks available for ColdFusion
1. Mach-II - one of the first Object Oriented ColdFusion frameworks.
2. FuseBox
3. ColdBox
4. Cold Spring
5. Model-Glue
6. F/W 1
7. CF wheels
*There may be much more of it.

So, I am going to take Mach-II as my first CF framework which will be added to my skill set then FuseBox.

What I want from these frameworks -
1. Easy to Use
2. Rapid Development
3. Good Community Support

Let's Begin ..